The Boutique

The boutique is a cozy and exquisite setting where you can come in on your own, or with friends and loved ones to relax, de-stress and unwind. There’s light music playing in the background, with light finger food and drinks available. It exudes a relaxing ambiance.boutique1boutique2

We have a spa bar with a range of natural ingredients that you can use to create decadent products.

If you’re not into DIY stuff, we definitely understand! The Bridal Spa Boutique, is all about pampering you, your groom and your bridal party, and we have created a range of exquisite spa and skincare products that you can pamper yourself with. So you can skip the DIY bit and get down to pampering yourself with our range of products.boutique3boutique4boutique5boutique6boutique7boutique8boutique9

Scent Stationboutique14boutique10

boutique12Sampling Stationboutique13

We will also be hosting spa sampling socials which are events where you can experience predetermined spa rituals, or you can schedule a Spa It Yourself event where you come into our boutique, create and customize decadent spa products with fresh and natural ingredients, and in combination with our exquisite products, pamper yourself, unwind, relax and have fun.


Come alone or come with a friend,
it promises to be an exquisite experience.

Want to have a party with friends? You can do that too!

We will be hosting private events like:
Bridal Showers
Bachelorette Parties
Spa It Yourself – DIY pampering events
Spa Sampling Socials
Private shopping events
Birthday parties
Tea parties

For opening times, appointments and events schedule, click here.

Bold noteWe are not a spa. We create exquisite spa and skincare products with exotic natural ingredients that nurture, nourish and pamper the body. Our ‘Spa It Yourself’ sessions and ‘Spa Sampling Socials‘ are a way for you to entertain and pamper yourself, and to have a great time doing it. We are not spa professionals, and we therefore do not perform any professional spa treatments. All applications are self applied with guidance and direction from us. Please note if you are highly sensitive to skin or body care products like masks, salts and spa products in general, these sessions are not for you.


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