Telling loved ones

How did you contain your excitement? You are getting married. Has it sunk in? How does it feel?  Sooooo many questions.

Who did you tell first?

After chatting with a few brides to be, it seems like the overwhelming majority broke the news to their mom’s first. Best friend and siblings tied for 2nd place. A lot of them really couldn’t contain the excitement and they told the first person they could reach.

Regardless of who you told first, the bottom line is that a new chapter is about to begin. It is exciting and nervewracking all at the same time, but let me just say this.

It is going to be amazing.

How did you tell your loved ones? Was it a one on one or group announcement?  We would love to hear your story and share your joy and excitement.

For inspiration on slowing down and immersing yourself in this important season, as well as the magical elixirs that will one day become a part of your unique love story click the image below:

Create lasting memories



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