Will you marry me?

‘Will you marry me’? I’m sure you remember where and when those words were said to you. I just wanted to say ‘Congratulations’!

How do you feel?……………..Excited, happy, anxious?

You’re going to go through so many emotions, but its normal. Just remember, this is what you’ve always wanted. To share your life with someone who loves you, makes you laugh, someone who you want to build a lifetime of happiness with.

Your wedding is going to be a great celebration. There will be a lot of planning and coordination that needs to be done, but don’t lose sight of the fact that,


So, take your time, immerse yourself and enjoy every moment so that you can have memories of this momentous occasion that will last you a lifetime.

For inspiration on slowing down and immersing yourself in this important season, as well as the magical elixirs that will one day become a part of your unique love story click below:

Create lasting memories


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