A foot soak fit for a bride & a decadent but practical wedding favor idea.

Rose mint foot soakDSCN5194

So, you have danced the night away at your wedding in shoes that looked amazing but didn’t do your feet any favors. You wake up the morning after, and your feet are screaming and throbbing with pain.  Not to worry because the ‘Rose Menthe hand & foot soak‘ is the perfect remedy. Made with whole milk and camellia oil which will soften and moisturize your feet, rose clay, Epsom and sea salts which will cleanse and detoxify while peppermint extract and peppermint essential oil exert a much needed cooling effect on your feet.

At the bottom of the post, you will see how this makes a decadent but practical wedding favor idea when packaged with some dry rose petals and mint leaves.

Follow the steps below to give your throbbing feet this much needed therapy

Rose mint soak DSCN5286

In a foot bath or bowl add 2 scoops of the ‘Rose Menthe hand & foot soak‘, a few rose petals and a few mint leaves. The petals and leaves could be fresh or dry, it doesn’t matter.

Rose mint soak DSCN5309

Add some warm water to the foot bath, enough to cover up your feet and ankles. Pictured above is the foot bath with just water, mint leaves and rose petals and below is the foot bath with the rose petals, mint leaves and the ‘Rose Menthe hand & foot soak’.

Rose mint soakDSCN5287

Soak you feet in the foot bath for about 15 minutes to cleanse, detoxify, moisturize and ease away the tension. Ahhhhh, so relaxing!

A practical but decadent favor idea.

A mini sized soak would be perfectly packaged with a muslin or organza bag containing some dried rose petals and mint leaves. I guarantee that this would be a very welcome and much needed favor for your wedding guests because you know, they too will be dancing the night away!

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