A beautiful wedding favor inspiration.

The Orient favorDSCN5217

Wedding or shower favors are just a little way of saying thank you to your guests for partaking in your special day. A nice memento that they can use or keep which will remind them of the amazing day that was your shower or wedding. They can be anything really, from food, to slippers, to plants, to gadgets! What ever you decide to choose as your wedding or shower favor it is important to make it embody you and your day.

Today’s theme  features our Orient body buff. It smells divine, but then again, you could say I am biased ;).


It is a simple but elegant favor consisting of a body scrub and the cutest black bamboo spoon in an organza bag.

The OrientDSCN5235

The scrub and spoon are tied in the organza bag, with a tag on the outside. You can put the date of your shower or wedding on the tag, or you can get creative and put something like ‘Angela’s Bridal Shower‘ (okay, not that creative 🙂 ), Angela & Mike – There’s no turning back‘. Again, anything goes, just make it yours!
The OrientDSCN5263

The OrientDSCN5280

The image above represents the truest likeness of the favor! For some reason, the black background seemed to make it look more yellow. Not that, that is a bad thing at all. Needless to say that this elegant spa favor can be made using so many color combinations, and we will be posting more color inspiration ideas. If you have any questions or ideas please let me know in the comments below or drop me line at info@angelminaro.com.

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