A beautiful ‘Rose & Mint’ spa shower theme.

rose mint spa themeDSCN5183

I love roses because they make any and everything look so pretty. Today’s spa bridal shower theme is all about roses and peppermint! The spread not only looks beautiful but smells wonderful.

This theme is created for a spa pedicure bridal shower and is unbelievably easy to create. It consists of a foot soak, foot polish and foot creme made with rose petals, peppermint essential oil, sea salts, and honey among other nourishing ingredients.

You can download this ‘Rose & Mint spa shower theme  PDF‘ to keep handy for a later date, and you can also click on the links at the bottom of the post to take you directly to where you can purchase the products and items needed.

Rose Mint foot soak

rose mint spa themeDSCN5128

This was created with the ‘Rose Menthe hand and foot soak‘ layered with Epsom salts. In a clear plastic cup or bowl, start layering with the hand and foot soak at the bottom, pat down with a small spoon to create a uniform layer, then next with the Epsom salts and repeat. Then cut a rose flower, a small branch of mint leaves and a small branch of Baby’s Breath and arrange beautifully on top.

Rose Mint foot polish

Rose mint spa themeDSCN5173

Scoop in the Rose Menthe creamy foot polish into the small plastic bowl. Level the surface with the back of a spoon. It doesn’t have to be perfect because the surface texture adds to the beauty of the display. Just like you did with the foot soak, cut a rose flower, branch of mint leaves and Baby’s Breath and arrange beautifully on the top.

Rose Mint foot crème

rose mint spa themeDSCN5170

For the Rose Menthe moisturizing foot crème I used a plastic spoon to display it. It adds a bit more oomph and gives it THAT extra touch! Use a smaller spoon to add the creme on to the display spoon, then apply the rose flower, mint branch and Baby’s Breath as before.

Arrange on your display table. I promise, the arrangement will be breathtaking without much effort. Guests can then help themselves to each of the items to pamper themselves with.

rose mint spa themeDSCN5181

Click on the links below to take you to where you can buy the products, ingredients and containers needed to create this spread. Click here to download the PDF on how to create this Rose Mint spa shower theme.

Rose Menthe hand and foot soak
Epsom salts or from your local grocery or pharmacy
Plastic cup
Mint leaves from your grocery store
Rose flowers from your grocery store or flower shop
Baby’s Breath from your grocery store or flower shop

Foot Polish:
Rose Menthe creamy foot polish
White plastic bowl

Foot crème:
Rose Menthe moisturizing foot crème
Plastic spoon display

For a group of 20 people you will need one ‘Rose Menthe Pedicure’ pampering set which you can get here.

Don’t forget to offer one of these items as a shower or party favor, so that each guest can take a little bit of the experience away with them.

If you do create this spread, please send me an email. I’d love to see it and share it if you would like. On the other hand if you would love something like this but are not really in the mood to create it, we could create it for you at our Chicago boutique which is perfect for spa themed showers and parties. Drop us a line at info@angelminaro.com for more information.

Look out for an upcoming post which will show you how to indulge yourself with this Rose Mint Pedicure.

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