Want to look fit and fabulous on your wedding day? Check this out!

Okay, it’s a couple of months to your wedding and you’re thinking, ‘what do I need to do to look fabulous on y wedding day?’ ! I think we all do, even if we you’re someone who’s not really into looks. I mean, it’s a very special day, and deep down you really want to look and feel your best! You especially want to look stunning THAT wedding gown, no doubt.


It’s very important not only to exercise, but to eat healthy as well! Starving yourself doesn’t work. Believe me,I know, I’m speaking from experience :).

Here are a few tips and that should help you:

  • Give yourself time, don’t wait till the last minute.
  • Pick an exercise routine that is realistic and that you’ll be able to stick to.
  • Eat healthy i.e a lot of fruit and veg, but definitely don’t completely cut out the carbs, just eat them in moderation.
  • Eat smaller portions and eat more often.
  • Never wait till you are starving because what usually happens is that you’ll tend to over eat if you wait till you’re starving.
  • Keep hydrated. Yes, water on its own can be boring, but you can make it a little bit more interesting by adding bits of fruit and herbs. Check it out here.
  • Weigh yourself ONCE a week. Pick a day, and weigh yourself before you do anything else. PLEASE DO NOT be like me and weigh yourself multiple times a day like I did at one stage in my life! It really did not help and only made me paranoid!!!

Let me be really honest, it’s in NOT easy, but you have to be persistent. Here are a few more ideas that really help me out:

  • Working out with a group of friends, it keeps me interested and motivated. Sometimes even competitive in a friendly way of course.
  • Going for regular walks. Do not underestimate the value of walking. If you do it regularly and in combination with a healthy diet, you can lose a lot of weight.
  • Go riding on a bike trail. It makes it interesting.

Really the key is to take one day at a time and if you have a bad day which is inevitable, don’t give up. Try again the next day!

Do you have any other tips and ideas to share? What has worked for you, or what really frustrates you? Let me know in the comments section, or you can drop me a line at info@angelminaro.com, I’d love to hear from you.

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