Wedding planning: Lets talk Money, Where and When?

Okay, let’s talk about who coughs up the cash!

You’ve decided to take the big step of getting married. Now you are deciding on how big or small your ceremony will be. Whatever the case, someone’s got to shell out some money.

The tradition used to be, that the wife’s family paid for most of the wedding. However, these days it is becoming more popular for the bride and groom to foot the bill if they can afford it, or both families may decide to split it right down the middle. If one side of the family is a bit better off than the other, they might take a bigger bit of the cake.

The most IMPORTANT thing is that the bride and groom need to discuss this with the family very openly and honestly, so that each contributing family member knows exactly what they are contributing. This will hopefully prevent conflicts during the planning and wedding arrangements.

Many bridal websites and magazines have budgeting aids and lists to help guide you because budgeting is not easy. They offer anything from step by step guides on planning your wedding, with an idea of what percentage of your budget should go to each item;  to planning tips and ideas on how to make your money go a long way.

Now, let’s discuss timing.

In choosing a wedding date, there are some key elements that you need to think about. The season, holidays, what you want your wedding to be like, a date that’s sentimental, the venue and so on.  Loverly has a great list of 10 things to consider when setting your wedding date here.

It is important to take your time and to discuss with the key players in your wedding so that you pick a date that will work for you.

Location, Location, Location.

You had probably started thinking about this when visualizing your wedding. Your location will depend on the size of your wedding, the time of the year, they style of your wedding, your budget and so on.

Once you have decided on the type of location you want, shop around, ask questions, ask for references, read A LOT of reviews. Even though you want to lock in a location, you need to make sure that it won’t be a disappointment on your special day. Don’t jump into something that you will regret. This is why it is very important that you make sure to give yourself enough time to do your research.

So, in talking about money, where and when? You should start this process about 12 months prior to the wedding. This will should give you time to sort out the budget, your date, and time to find the perfect location for your special day.


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