Wedding planning – Visualize your wedding!

Weddings are such a personal thing, and they really are intertwined with the characters of the couple getting married. The fact that people are individuals with such wonderfully individual tastes, makes each wedding a very unique experience. No two weddings are ever be the same!

Because there are so many moving parts to a wedding, it is a good idea to start visualizing your wedding at least 12 months before the day, especially if your wedding is going to be a big one. If you don’t plan on having a huge wedding, it can be planned in less time like mine was, but it really doesn’t hurt to have more time. You need to pace yourself, so that you can enjoy the process.

In visualizing your wedding, you think about the following:

Do I want a big lavish wedding or a small intimate one? What style of wedding do I want? e.g Formal or informal, romantic or vintage. Do I want a summer or fall wedding, or a destination wedding?

There are a vast number of wedding resources available. They include print and online magazines like Brides Magazine, Munaluchi Bridal, and  Wedding Guide Chicago. Bridal blogs like Style Me Pretty, Green Wedding Shoes, and Emmaline Bride. Wedding planning sites like Loverly which is self described as a one-stop-shop for wedding planning, where brides and grooms find ideas, people to hire and things to buy. These are just naming a few.

There are also social media sites like Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram to name a few. These sites are very visual, which is what you need to help you visualize your wedding. Pretty much every bridal blog and magazine is on social media, so it is a good idea to follow a good number of these, so that you can see their wedding inspiration posts, tips and ideas.

With Pinterest you can browse boards and create boards with the images that appeal to you.

Pinterest wedding inspiration


With Instagram, the hash tag(#) is your friend. It really helps you to focus on what aspect of a wedding you would like to visualize. For example, if you want to see pictures relating to Fall weddings, all you need to do is to type #fallwedding into the search box, and it will bring up any image that was tagged with that hashtag.

Instagram wedding inspiration

This can be used to browse images as well using a hash tag in much the same way as Instagram.

Twitter wedding inspiration

It is IMPORTANT to note that these resources are there to help you visualize what you would like your wedding to look like, depending on your taste and character. Try not to get overloaded with the visuals to the point that they become distracting! You don’t need to follow or use all the above. Use which ones work for you.

It is a good idea to choose an inner circle of people who you trust, (friends, mother, aunts), not too many (remember the saying ‘too many cooks, spoil the broth’) with whom you can bounce ideas and visuals off, till you narrow down your choice.

Get organized with this, have a wedding planning notebook for notes, and a folder for images that you like and really speak to you. If you are computer savvy unlike me, this can be done on your computer! Whatever works for you is what is best.

REMEMBER, give yourself a time limit on this because there are many more details and decisions that need to be worked on for your wedding!

Are you a bride-to-be planning a wedding, a bridesmaid or mother helping to plan a wedding, or has the wedding happened already? We would love to hear what tips or ideas worked for you, or any information you wish you had prior to planning your wedding?

Happy Planning!


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