Choose the right pedicure soak for you.

Foot Spa BackgroundSoaking the feet is an essential step when having a pedicure. It serves more than one purpose!

Aside from feeling wonderful on our tired feet and helping us to relax, it helps to cleanse and soften them making it easier to exfoliate and remove the dead skin. It also helps to detoxify, condition and moisturize the skin.

Below are a few of the different types of foot soaks available:

As with everything, there is a wide variety to choose from; which is a good thing because some people might need one characteristic of a particular soak and none of the other.  Each type has its benefits, and you can definitely experiment with a couple of them so as to figure out which one or more would work for you and use those. There’s no reason you can’t alternate between a few of them.

1. Salt Soak: Usually formulated with one or a combination of the following, Epsom salt, Dead Sea salt, Hawaiian Alaea salt, Himalayan salt, and so on. They are rich in minerals, are revitalizing and help to draw out toxins from the skin. They also help to relax the muscles, stimulate circulation and help to relieve aches and pains. You can find one or more of these salts in the Lotus Leaf & Ginger salt soak and Sweet Orange & Fig salt soak.

2. Milk Soak: May be formulated with one or a combination of coconut milk, butter milk, goat milk, or whole milk powders. They soothe, soften and moisturize the skin. The are usually formulated with salts for the added benefit described earlier and with other nourishing oils and butter. Some really decadent soaks are Chardonnay Silk bath bubbles, Deluxe Double Chocolate bath bubbles, Jasmine Rooibos Chai Luxury silk bath, Monoi Rose silk bath bubbles, Refreshing Pink Grapefruit bath bubbles, Sensual Rose Luxury silk bath, Tropical Silk bath bubbles. Some of these soaks form a lather (described further in the post) and some do not.

3. Honey Soak: These types of soaks are formulated with honey, which typically is the main ingredient. They are usually combined with nourishing oils, butters and possibly extracts that help to treat and condition the skin. The main benefit of honey is that it is very hydrating to the skin, it also draws out dirt and dead skin cells and therefore helps to cleanse and soften the skin. Two examples of our honey soaks are the Chocolate Honey body treatment and the Papaya and Mango Honey skin conditioner.

4. Oil Soak: These are typically a nourishing oil or blend of oils that moisturize and condition the skin. They can be formulated to disperse and mix very well with water, but there are some that don’t mix with water. An example of one that mixes well is the Tahitian Vanilla infused luxury bath oil, and one that doesn’t is the Brahmi Rose body oil which doubles up as a great skin moisturizer.

5. Lathery soak or Sudsy soak: These form a lather and help to cleanse the skin. They may include a combination of salts, honey or milk, but they do not have to. They may also include nourishing butters, and oils so that they condition and soften the skin while it is being cleansed. We have quite a few exquisite soaks of this kind. You may browse each, by clicking on each one below:
Chardonnay Silk bath bubbles
Deluxe Double Chocolate bath bubbles
Monoi Rose Silk bath bubbles
Refreshing Pink Grapefruit bath bubbles
Tropical Silk bath bubbles

These soaks are very easy to use and can therefore be used at home as well as in a spa.

What types of soaks have you used? Which do you prefer and why?


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