Red lips and the bride~

I have always loved wearing and experimenting with makeup. I’ve even gone through periods when I’ve worn WAY TOO MUCH makeup, in any case I guess you live and learn.

One look I’ve never experimented with is red lipstick. I do remember trying it once and thinking, DEFINITELY NOT! I looked hideous, or so I thought.

Recently, I’ve seen so many women of different shades, from very fair skin to very dark skin, online and in magazines wearing red lipstick and looking totally stunning. So I decided why not, GO FOR IT!

One thing I’ve learned is that RED lipstick is such a vague term, because there are virtually a million shades of red! This was probably the mistake I made, because I did not experiment with different shades of red. I think I just bought a ‘red lipstick’, no lip pencil and thought everything would be all good.

This time, I did some research before I finally bought a red lipstick, Ruby Woo by MAC to be exact, and I LOVE it.

This gave me the idea to share some pictures of a few brides that look absolutely stunning sporting ‘RED’ Lips.

Credit: Be Modish


Credit: MunaLuchi Bride


Credit: Sophie Lau Makeup and Hair


Credit: Loxa Beauty


Credit: Pinterest – Indian Bride


Credit: Belle The Magazine

I now realize that we can all look stunning wearing red lipstick, we just need to experiment a little to find ‘OUR RED LIPSTICK’.

What do you think?


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