Mud & watermelon on the skin? Why not!



Mud is great for the skin………………who knew? Well, Dead Sea Mud is at least.

Dead Sea mud is rich in minerals which are nourishing to the skin. It helps to cleanse and remove dead skin cells to reveal healthy brighter skin. It also helps to detoxify, improve circulation and tone the skin.

watermelonWatermelon extract is rich in vitamin C and amino acids which promote skin renewal.

Dead Sea Mud and watermelon extract are combined with grape seed extract which is rich in antioxidants that neutralize free radicals to help keep the skin looking young in this Purifying Dead Sea facial and body mud.

Purifying dead sea facial and body mud net wt. 14.5 oz 411gIn this case, playing with mud is a whole lot of fun and extremely good for you.

Caution: This product is sure to give you smooth, radiant and young looking skin.



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