Why jasmine and tea make a nourishing bath treat!

When I think of Jasmine tea, I think of relaxation and peace!

jasmine flowers in a wooden bowl for spa and aromatherapy



The jasmine flower aside from being used as part of the bridal flowers at a wedding, is commonly used to manufacture perfumes and skincare products because of its beautiful scent. Its aroma is soothing and intoxicating which is great for enhanced relaxation.

Green tea with petals of flowers




Green rooibos tea contains a high amount of anti-oxidants, trace minerals, and nutrients, which nourish the skin and help to keep it looking young.





The combination of these properties inspired our Jasmine Rooibos chai luxury silk bath which is also formulated with silk proteins which help to keep the skin supple while you soak in skin soothing and conditioning coconut and whole milk. Cupuacu butter and watermelon seed oil nourish, caress and moisturize the skin giving you a blissful soak.

Jasmine bath soakDoesn’t it sound amazing? To learn more about the Jasmine Rooibos Chai luxury silk bath, click here.


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