Watermelon spa bridal shower theme idea!

Party in sauna

Don’t you just love having a spa day? Well, having a spa bridal shower is a good opportunity to have a great time while pampering yourself and bridal party.

Today’s shower theme idea is ‘Watermelon’ 

For drink ideas, you could have:
Watermelon lemonade
Watermelon infused water
Watermelon jello shots (my favorite)
Click on each link above for the recipe.

Watermelon Drinks
For food ideas, you could have:
Fruit pizza
Grilled watermelon with blue cheese and prosciutto (mmmmmmmmmm)
Watermelon salsa
Click on each link above for the recipe.

Watermelon Food ideas

And of course, a watermelon cake!

credit: Betty Crocker

  To see more watermelon food and drink ideas, click on the picture below:

Watermelon sorbet lime shells credit: Kirbiecravings.com

Last but not least,treat yourself and bridal party to our
Dead sea and watermelon regenerating facial



Set Includes:
– Rooibos and White tea clarifying foam cleanser 4 Fl. Oz
– Honeysuckle and Rooibos facial toner 4 Fl. Oz
– Acai and Honey microderm abrasion cream 2 Fl. Oz
– Purifying Dead Sea facial and body mud 14.5 Oz
– Watermelon and Tomato regenerating anti-oxidant face serum 1 Fl. Oz
– Hibiscus and edelweiss firming and protective face lotion 2 Fl. Oz

Enough to for a party of 20

To see the benefits of this facial ritual click here.

Enjoy your watermelon spa day!


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