Anjolee Jewelry Review + New website & Valentine’s day giveaway!

Who doesn’t love jewelry, right?

At Angel Minaro, we are all about weddings. So when I was asked to do a review on Anjolee, an upscale diamond jewelry manufacturer I accepted, because if jewelry and weddings don’t go together, I don’t know what else does!

Looking perfect for a wedding includes getting your dress, shoes, makeup, hair, accessories and so on in order. This in addition to all the other wedding arrangements, can make preparing for your wedding quite stressful. So, if there’s any way to make at least part of the process as seamless and stress free as it can be, I’d like to know. So I decided to review the order process and piece of jewelry received.

First of all, feast your eyes on the Diamond Bracelets below!

Anjolee bracelets

Okay, that was just a little snippet of what I saw as I browsed the Anjolee website. All I’ve got to say is EXQUISITE!

I was very impressed with the range of jewelry they manufacture and the detail on each of them. Their product line includes an extensive collection of bridal jewelry, rings, diamond bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and pendants. Exactly what’s needed to bling out a wedding and more. They also offer a great selection of gemstone jewelry with choice of several birthstones!

Okay, back to why I was at their website! The site was very easy to navigate and quick to respond which is important because time is of the essence when planning a wedding, right?

I’ve got to say, I really liked the fact that I could customize the piece of jewelry I wanted according my preference in metal type, diamond size, diamond/gemstone quality, and length/size. There is absolutely something for everyone! To see your piece of jewelry with your choice in customization options right there on the screen before you order makes Anjolee a winner for me because it takes out a lot of guess work.

Jewelry Review

I received the “Wavy Hood Link Tennis Bracelet” in silver and czs to review and I’ve got to say, these pictures don’t do it justice, but you can still see how beautiful it is! The bracelet arrived in a gorgeous shiny brown case which I opened up to reveal a beautiful sparkly, shiny silver bracelet.

Anjolee closed case

The closed case

Anjolee open case The inside of the case is really plush too.

Anjolee bracelet

Here’s a close up in an attempt to show you the sparkly stones, but I can assure you its got a lot more sparkle in real life. This bracelet is beautiful, but you can check out more of their Diamond Bracelets at their website! Let me know what you think!

I was given this “Wavy Hood Link Tennis Bracelet” to review, and all the views expressed in this post are my own.


To celebrate the launch of our new Bridal Spa Boutique website and the upcoming Valentine’s day, one lucky winner is going to win the Wavy Hood Link Tennis Bracelet pictured above! For a chance to win this bracelet, all you have to do is to sign up to receive our newsletter in the form below by Feb 10, 2015 at 11.59 pm CST. (Open to residents of USA and Canada only).

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The winner will be notified by Feb 12th, 2015 at 11.59pm CST.


You can learn more about our PICK YOUR PRIZE GIVEAWAY here!


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