Revealing your healthy bridal body glow through exfoliation.

Beauty Shot Of Happy Young WomanHealthy skin is the secret to glowing skin. The way to get your skin healthy is to keep it clean, well nourished, moisturized and exfoliated! Which leads me to today’s main topic!

This is the process of sloughing off dead skin cells, and bringing healthy cells to the top layer. Dead skin cells are dry and dull looking, removing them reveals new cells which are fresh and healthy! And really, that’s what everyone wants. Right?

A common way of exfoliating skin cells is to use s a product which contains an exfoliant;  which is a product that removes dead skin cells. Exfoliants work by removing the dead skin cells physically or chemically.
Examples of exfoliants are: Salt, Sugar, oats, sand, alumina, Alpha Hydroxy Acids (chemical) etc.
Coarse grains (e.g oats), sugars, sand, and salts are good for use from the neck down to the feet for normal skin, while fine grains,fine sugar and similar exfoliants can usually be used for sensitive skin.

Exfoliating products can be:
Oliy – usually made with a combination of oils, and the exfoliant. This is good for dry skin.
Creamy – has the exfoliant in a creamy base. Usually good for sensitive to normal skin, depending on the exfoliant.
Emulsifed: – made with oils and butters, but becomes a lotion once it comes in contact with water. Good for dry to normal skin.
Gels – These are water based and are great for people with oily skin.

Products for exfoliation can also incorporate nourishing extracts, clays for deep cleansing and so much more! So really, the choice you make on what product to use is a matter of preference and skin type.

How to use:
The most important thing is to exfoliate weekly.
I would also recommend that a bride-to-be  start this process at least 4 months prior to the wedding, to make sure her skin is in tip top condition.
Generally, after you’ve had a shower, massage the scrub or exfoliating product onto the body using a gentle circular motion from your neck down to your feet.
Rinse off, and be careful while in the shower because some products make the floor slippery.
Finally, moisturize with a nourishing lotion.

Below is a preview of our Monoi Rose and Lotus Blossom treatment!



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