Yoga Wedding Inspiration!

Who says yoga and weddings do not mix? I am quickly begining to learn that with weddings, anything goes, as long as it’s what you want for YOUR day!

Below is a little bit of inspiration on how you can incorporate yoga in the pictures taken, as wedding favors, as relaxation on the morning of the wedding, or as a bridal shower!

How about a Stand-up Paddleboard yoga class for the bride and her closest friends. credit:
Yummi Yogi Yoga Pose Cookies – great as wedding favors credit:
Another beautiful wedding yoga pose. Credit:
Couple in various Yoga poses. Credit:
Bride enjoying her Yoga pose. Credit: Pinterest
Dreamy Bridal Yoga Pose. Credit: Pinterest
The groom is having no part of this pose. Credit: Junebug Weddings

Ever thought about incorporating some yoga into your wedding? You can get some ideas and learn more here and here!

You can also check out Yoga For Weddings here.



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