Bridal Massage Product Spotlight – Brahmi Rose Body oil!

A relaxing massage is one of the best ways a bride-to- be can relieve the stress and tension that planning a wedding can cause. You can learn more in this post. A massage can be done using a moisturizing lotion, body butter or body oil.

Today’s spotlight is on one of our favorite oils here at the bridal spa boutique:

angel minaro bridal shelf talker_brahmi rose body oil

This exquisite body oil is rich in skin loving oils which nourish and condition the skin. It consists of brahmi oil which is known to regenerate the skin and is known to enhance peaceful meditation, olive oil which hydrates the skin and rosehip extract rich in nutrients and antioxidants which helps to the combat the signs of aging. It melts right into the skin, and smells absolutely divine. It also includes a real rose bud for extra decadence!

Having a massage with this body oil not only gets a bride-to-be relaxed, but leaves her skin soft,supple and hydrated.

It can also be used as a bath oil as well by adding a few drops into warm bath water and soaking to enjoy a relaxing and moisturizing bath.

You can find this exquisite oil here!

Want to try it? Here’s a coupon below, just for you!Brahmi Rose 20% coupon


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