Pumpkin spa treatments for the Bride – Great for fall weddings!


beautiful bride in the autumn parkI love the fall season because it is rich in different colors, as the leaves on the trees begin to change. Just breathtaking!

I also love it because it means that pumpkin season is here. Apart from all the pumpkin lattes, breads, and pies that are delicious, it is very nutritious for the skin.

Pumpkins contain natural Alpha Hydroxy Acids which exfoliate dead skin cells, revealing new healthy cells and younger looking skin that glows, which is what a bride wants on her wedding day.

You can check out this kitchen spa ritual using pumpkins and almonds to make a nutritious face scrub that is easily done at home.

The bridal spa boutique carries a Rejuvenating Spiced pumpkin masque which is a dry powder pumpkin masque.Pumpkin masqueThis rejuvenating mask combines the exfoliating and nourishing properties of pumpkin and spices it up. Yogurt and honey balance the mask by softening and soothing the skin as it is being detoxified by clay.

The whole body can be given a pumpkin treatment by exfoliating with a pumpkin scrub and then doing a pumpkin body wrap treatment.pumpkin wrap and scrub


The Vanilla and Pumpkin enzyme sugar scrub exfoliates to remove dead skin with the help of powdered vanilla beans and pumpkin powder which is a rich source of antioxidants and enzymes that renew the skin, while pumpkin seed oil rich in vitamins and minerals combined with other nourishing oils help to moisturize and nurture the skin giving it a delicious glow.

If you are going to be a fall bride then a pumpkin rich spa treatment is a must! Apart from the wonderful aroma, you will come out feeling both rejuvenated and with younger looking glowing skin ready to shine on your wedding day!

Beautiful bride in a luxurious interior with flowers

If you are a spa or esthetician, we  offer professional back bar sizes for use in spas and other professional establishments. Check out our wholesale page here or for more information send us an email at info@angelminaro.com or fill out our contact form here!



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