Wedding favor ideas for your special guests.

Anything from food items, to candy, to household items can be given as wedding favors to your guests, just to show that you appreciate them taking time out to share your special day. They just need to be packaged beautifully.

They can be small affordable items or you can go fancy and all out, if cost is not an object. It really comes down to what you’d like to share, and what you can afford.

Here are a few items I came across, they show how varied favors can be! Enjoy!


This is a gorgeous idea, a centerpiece made of favors! These look like almonds? not sure!


I love honey, so this appeals to me. Isn’t this elegant?


Bubbles are always a fun type of favor.


I think this would get a lot of use at the wedding. (You know, high heels and all).


Personally, this is my favorite! I love boiled peanuts……YUM.

 Disclaimer: These are spa and skincare products made by me. Click here for more info.


These journals are beautiful.


I thought I’d end it with this! Macaron favors. These are yummy and always go down well!

Do you have more ideas for wedding favors? Or is there something that you think shouldn’t be given as a favor.

Let us know.




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