Wedding shoes for the bride!

You can express yourself through the pair of shoes you wear on your wedding day. You could be as glam as you want or as traditional as you want.

Here are a few pairs of bridal shoes that I came across. I thought I’d start with this red one.

Just gorgeous!

credit: Design your pedestal.

 I love the detail on the back of this one.

credit: StyleCaster.

Beautiful beach shoes!


The one and only Alexander McQueen! Would you wear this?

credit: Bridetobead
credit: Pink2Blue

I’d have this one on standby for my tired feet.

credit: Stylesteps

I love this rich blue color!

credit: Efi Panagopoulou on pinterest

Are you a wedge wearer?

credit: Style Me Pretty

Who would say no to Jimmy Choo?

credit: La Prep Noire

I love these!

Which pair of shoes would you wear and which wouldn’t you?



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