Gorgeous wedding cake ideas~

Wedding Cakes come in so many shapes, sizes, colors, designs and that’s not taking into account the flavors, fillings, icing and so on.

It took me a long time to settle on what color and type of cake I wanted to for my wedding, it really was a hard choice.

In the end I settled for kind of a plain white cake from Oak Mill Bakery that looked a lot like this:  Simple and Elegant!

Credit: Oak Mill Bakery.


Completely different from the images of some cakes that I’ve posted below and think are gorgeous!  They are all so different!

Credit: Nevie Pie Cakes on flickr.
Credit: Cakes Decor.

mmmmmm Red Velvet!

Credit: Cake Central.


Credit: Rosebud cakes.


Credit: Confetti Daydreams.


Credit: Fashion & Style

Very Regal!

How easy or difficult was it to choose your wedding cake? or are you in the middle of choosing one right now, are you finding it easy, difficult or just plain fun?



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