November Kitchen Spa Ritual: Soothing Cucumber and Olive fruit mask

cucumber olive maskAs you can probably tell, I LOVE making natural skincare products.

Our November kitchen spa ritual features ingredients that are frequently used in many households, and needless to say they are nutritious both when eaten and used externally on the skin.

Ingredients and preparation:
1/4 cup of pitted olives,
1/4 cucumber (doesn’t matter if it’s peeled or not),
1/4 cup of oats (use coarse oats if you want a high degree of exfoliation or fine oats if you want a more gentle exfoliation),
water as needed for desired consistency.
*Note: Quantities will need to be increased if you are exfoliating your whole body! 

Add the ingredients without the water at first into a food processor or blender and blend for about 30 seconds, the moisture from the cucumber supplies the initial moistness. If the initial mixture is too thick, water can be added a little at a time until the desired consistency is achieved.

How to use:

spa salon aroma facial masque

-Use clean hands and apply on your face and neck or all over your body avoiding delicate areas.. Exfoliate using a gentle circular motion. Lie back relax for about 20 minutes and let the magic happen!  ahhhhhhh!!

-Rinse your face off using warm water and pat dry. If you indulged in a whole body treatment, just jump in a nice warm shower.

-Don’t forget to moisturize after you rinse and dry off!

Contain olive oil which conditions and is good for skin cell regeneration.
Soothes the skin, it is rich in vitamins and minerals which nourish the skin and finally it helps to tone the skin.
Soothes the skin, it also has natural moisturizing properties which make it great for dry itchy skin.

Exfoliation: Gets rid of dead cells which make the skin look dull, giving the new skin below the chance to shine and be radiant.

Now if this sounds like way too much work, then you can try our natural skin and body care masks which are easy to use. Just add water or other appropriate vehicle like cream, yogurt, carrot juice and son on, and it’s ready to use in less than a minute.

Do you have any kitchen spa rituals that you like?


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