Wanna know the secret to Sexy eyes?

woman mulatto backlight face front tss 1103(10).jpgEver had dark circles and puffy eyes, A.K.A bags under the eyes? Me too! Not very attractive! Just thought I’d share a few tips on getting  rid of that!

1. Use a cooling gel mask: They are very easy to use, just store it in the refrigerator  and when you need to it, place it around your eyes for about 10 minutes. They really help to soothe the area and reduce puffiness, especially due to lack of sleep.

This one pictured is pretty big, but there are some dainty looking ones on the market.

2. Sit back relax and use the old trick of placing a cool cucumber over your eyes. It works really well.

Cute retro woman relaxing in whirlpool foam bath..This is very good for both puffy eyes and dark circles because cucumber is rich in Vitamin C which is known to brighten the skin by preventing hyper-pigmentation, it is also known to be a natural anti-inflammatory. The coolness of the cucumber acts in a similar way as the cooling gel mask above.

3. Using an under eye serum that helps to moisturize the area and contains Vitamin C.

4. Using an Argan oil serum or just plain Argan oil is good because apart from moisturizing and nourishing the area, it is a natural antioxidant and has anti-inflammatory properties too.

Let’s get Gorgeous!





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