Skin Care Tips: Cleansing

To have healthy beautiful skin you have to take care of it. This means keeping it clean, moisturized and nourished. And yes drinking a lot of water to keep it hydrated.

Facial care doesn’t have to be a long drawn out event, but you do have to set aside at least a few minutes to pamper your skin.

For a basic skin care routine, you have to Cleanse + Tone + Moisturize. This basic routine can be built upon by adding more steps which will be talked about in a future article.

Today we will be focusing on cleansing the face:

Woman cleaning her face

The skin cells on the face are very delicate and should be treated as such. Using harsh chemicals on the face and any where really causes the skin to become dry, unhealthy and can aggravate skin problems.

There are many facial cleansers on the market, and no one cleanser is good for everybody.  The main purpose of a cleanser is to remove dirt, makeup and other environmental pollutants that have settled on the skin. A good cleanser will do this and not strip the skin of its natural oils and moisture leaving that dry tight feeling.

To choose a cleanser for yourself, it is a good idea to know what type of skin you have. In other words, is it normal, dry, sensitive, oily or a combination? Do you have acne or any other skin issues?  It is good to note that some people’s skin type (mine included) may change depending on the season due to the effects of the weather on the skin.

If you are not sure what type of skin you have and what type of products to use, you can have a consultation with an esthetician. They are trained in skin care and can advice you on what type of skincare regimen and products you should be using.

Facial Cleaners:

natural coconut walnut oil and soap

There are various types of cleansers available. Most common are foaming cleansers which are usually gel like and when mixed with water form a lather.  Cream or lotion cleansers are light creams that are formulated to cleanse. They are generally less drying to the skin than foam cleansers since they contain moisturizing oils. The least common are oil cleansers. Some are formulated to change into a lotion cleanser once they come into contact with water and are usually recommended for dry skin.

Once you settle on what cleanser is the most appropriate to use, it is very important to use it and cleanse the skin in the morning and at night as the first step in your skin care regimen.

Do this, and you will have taken the first step in getting healthy and gorgeous skin.


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