Spa day at home

Yesterday was a very productive day!

I made some face cleansing oil with calendula,chamomile,rose,white willow bark,red clover and elder flower extracts which are good for keeping the skin healthy and supple and can be used by all skin types, a face wash with white tea extract which is an antioxidant and helps reduce free radical damage, and finally the most luscious body scrub made with sugar,moisturizing oils and butters,orange and lemon peel powder, with orange and lemon essential oils.

Feels and smells wonderful, and leaves the skin exfoliated, well moisturized and smelling wonderful.

Today I intend to pamper myself with these products. I love making body products, because I know exactly what I’m putting in them, and that’s nutritious ingredients!! The added advantage, I hardly EVER have to buy body products anymore and that’s a huge deal because I used to be (well I still am), a product junkie. When I want or need something, I make it.

Well have a great Saturday all, I’m off to treat myself to spa day!!


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